SWD Group Holding Summit Forum of 3D Sound During EMW
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Shanghai Conservatory of Music International Electronic Week (EMW) will be held from October 19th to 25th. During this week, SWD Group will cooperate with EMW to hold an international forum which is named “sound in space- IOSONO 3D Sound technology”. On the occasion, several international experts in the 3D sound research area, acoustic engineers and masters of electronic music creation will gather here to discuss the future development and application of IOSONO 3D sound technology.
During the Shanghai Conservatory of Music International Electronic Week, SWD Group will set up an IOSONO 3D sound system to demonstrate 3D sound works and assist Shanghai Conservatory of Music to host two lectures. Stephan Mauer, manager of Professional Development & Talent Management of IOSONO GmbH and Johannes Scherzer, a famous sound engineer as well as the CEO of TAUCHER Sound Environment will be invited to give the lectures and introduce the art and technology of sound for the public. Stephan Mauer will give a lecture about the reinforcement application of IOSONO sound system. Besides, Mr. Stephan will illustrate how to locate the sound object in large venues by explaining the realized contents and methods of sound art. While Johannes Scherzer’s lecture will mainly talk about how to use IOSONO sound system to realize music production and recording. In addition to that, Mr. Scherzer will also bring his own works and demonstrate them to give people a vivid presentation.
As a very important part of EMW, the international forum called “sound in space--IOSONO 3D Sound Technology” hosted by SWD Group and Shanghai Conservatory of Music has attracted lots of experts and professionals’ attention. Except Stephan Mauer and Johannes Scherzer,many other experts in the area of 3D sound research, sound engineers and masters of electronic music creation like Hans Tutschku, a composer and professor of Electro-Acoustic Laboratory in Harvard University, Fernando Lopez and Chris Chafe, professors of CCRMA in Stanford University, and Jeff Levison, vice president of IOSONO China will all be invited to attend this forum.

This “sound in space-IOSONO 3D”international forum aims at integrating high education resources, human resources and social resources at home and abroad, promoting the popularization, application, and industrialization of IOSONO 3D sound technology in China and building an international and prospective platform to intensify the communication and cooperation in academic between experts and scholars at home and abroad in order to promote the development of music and the relative culture industries in Shanghai and even in China, enhance the overall strength and competitiveness of culture and train leaders in domestic sound industries.


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