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first 3D audio-visual Animation in China

As strategic partners, Siwei Music Engineering Design Group (SWD Group), the music engineering department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music and Media & Animation school of China Academy of Art co-create the first 3D audio-visual Animation in China "Weeping Over the Great Wall": SWD acts as the director; China Academy of Art is responsible for video content, Shanghai Conservatory of Music for composing; TAUCHER and SWD do 3D sound mixing. “Weeping over the Great Wall”  is one of the animations in Hundred Chinese Opera Package made by China Academy of Art which  has won the National Awards; other animations are “Parting at Pavilion”, “Pursuit”, etc. This animation film "Weeping over the Great Wall" is adapted from a Chinese Yue opera which tells a story during Qin Dynasty. The day when a couple got married, the groom was forced to build the Great Wall and died soon because the accident when working. His body was buried under the wall. The brides came all the way with only winter clothing to visit her husband only to find her husband’s dead body. She couldn’t help crying for three days until the Great wall collapsed. She had no choice but to commit suicide.

To keep the Chinese traditions of the film and to meet the needs of people’s aesthetic standard, we not only refine on the basis of Chinese traditional pattern, but also create something new by using the patterns of lacquer, bronze, tile and jade etc. in Qin Dynasty for reference and by using the color of MaShao facebook which witnessed the most splendid civilization of culture in Qin and Zhou Dynasty for reference to set the color scheme.   

For the video part, according to the needs of 3D video production, we readjusted 2D video and converted it to 3D; for the audio part, we combined the aria of Chinese Yue Opera: “Weeping over the Great wall” and classical music. In SWD-IOSONO Studio, the engineers of SWD Group workded with the CEO & chief engineer of TAUCHER Sound Environments --- Johannes Scherzer, mixing 3D audio with immersive sound effect.

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